Membership Roster

Here is a list of our corporate sponsors and current members. Click on any of them for additional contact information.


Corporate Sponsors: 

Aerotek - "Since 2016"

 Cal Marine - "Since 2016"

 American Rigging & Supply - "Since 2016"

 Miller Marine - "Since 2016"

 Minerals Research, Inc. - "Since 2016"

Naval Coating, Inc. - "Since 2017"

Pacific Tug Boat Service - "Since 2013"

PAR Marine Systems - "Since 2017"

Unified Port of San Diego - "Since 2013"

Propulsion Controls Engineering - "Since 2013"

RW Little Co. - "Since 2016"

San Diego Powder & Protective Coating - "Since 2016"

Members of the Board

Name Company Phone
Baaklini, CJ Miller Marine 619-791-1500
Buettgenbach, Doug American Rigging & Supply 619-233-5625
Clapp, Kyle Propulsion Controls Engineering 619-235-0961
Dernbach, Tim Propulsion Controls Engineering 619-235-0961 ext. 344
Gmyr, Rachel Propeller Club of San Diego 619-253-6753
Neal, Pat Pacific Tugboat Service 619-533-7932
Sitta, Dante ASI Services Inc. 619-993-7574
Tzikas, Alex Aerotek 209-479-4938
Valentine, Daniel Port of San Diego 619-686-6371
Westover, Stanley Port of San Diego, Retired 619-479-7974
Wilson, Lee Attorney at Law 619-247-0944


Name Company Phone
Aguayo, Carlos CMSD 619-234-8851 ext. 290
Ashley, Ray Maritime Museum 619-234-9153
Barr, Ken Propulsion Controls Engineering 619-235-0961 ext. 327
Blasko, James 619-756-3105
Borkowski, Todd American Rigging & Supply 619-756-3105
Burke, John Wells Fargo 858-699-3030
Carr, Hazel Cal Marine Inc 619-231-8788
Carr, Matt Cal Marine Inc 619-231-8788
Carr, Josh Cal Marine Inc 619-231-8789
Case, Matt Aerotek 209-479-4938
Cedrum, Mark Naval Coating Inc. 619-234-8366
Clapp, David Propulsion Controls Engineering 619-235-0961
Crafton, Cole Pacific Maritime (PTS) 619-533-7932
Elliot, Jorda Hiller Companies 251-661-1275
Frailey, Zack Pacific Maritime (PTS) 619-533-7932
Frailey, Stephen Pacific Tug Boats 619-533-7932
Garcia, Gerardo RW Little
Genovese, Robert Hiller Companies 251-661-1275
Gerardo, Garcia RW Little 619-297-3705
Gonzales, Michael PAR Marine Systems 619-472-7014
Grace, Jeff Aerotek
Hayes, Tyler CA Maritime Academy Grad
Heuer, Alex Aerotek
Johnson, Carl American Rigging & Supply
Lerchbacker, Alan Naval Coating Inc. 619-234-8366 ext. 100
Loza, Juan RW Little 619-291-0790
McCaughin, Daniel Naval Coating Inc. 619-234-8366
McLouth, Mike Minerals Research 520-837-9289
Mehlman, Steve Minerals Research 520-990-5831
Neal, McLaren Pacific Maritime (PTS) 619-533-7932
Ortiz, Oscar Naval Coating Inc. 619-234-8366
Pasha, John Pasha Auto Service
Popham, Ron Port of San Diego 619-686-6237
Putrus, Ray Aerotek
Reyes, Miguel Port of San Diego 619-686-6449
Rivadeneira, Julian Tecnico WCD
Senk, Steve CMSD 619-234-8851 ext. 207
Senter, Ed Miller Marine
Siraton, Seth Miller Marine
Steinmetz, Ehrich Propulsion Controls Engineering 619-235-0961 ext. 321
Torres, Sonia RW Little 619-291-0790
Valenzuela, Joel Port of San Diego 619-686-6387
Westmoreland, Grant Pacific Maritime (PTS) 619-533-7932
Wylie, Jay Sims Pump / Valve Co. 619-307-3953
Yoder, Bruce American Rigging & Supply
Zortman, Kristine Port of San Diego 619-686-6507